Megoras Security Light Curtain

Security, which should be considered as a whole, is one of the most important needs of our age. The concepts such as occupational safety and health, physical security or environmental security are now in a level that cannot be separated from each other. In today’s conditions, the light curtain has become one of the most important needs of institutions and organizations. For this reason, electronic security companies produce light curtain with the most suitable capabilities for customers’ purposes. These systems, known as the new model light curtain, ensure the physical safety of dangerous points and areas wherever needed. In addition, they have been designed and used as a safety sensor to prevent situations such as finger jamming and handshaking in production facilities. It can also be integrated and used with other systems and has the ability to maximize safety measures.

Other Uses of Light Curtains

These products, also known as light curtains, are used as automatic door light curtains in photocell doors. There are varieties used especially as a door sensor. It serves as a safety sensor in industrial facilities, production areas, and general use. The light curtain contributes to the safety of all machines (presses, injection, cutting and milling machines) and the automotive industry. However, it is useful as a test and control mechanism in robotic applications.

Have You Met Megoras?

The Megoras security light curtain systems, produced by Megoras using state-of-the-art technology, are capable of non-contact detection of objects of very small size. In this way, both in the field and production facilities cannot escape something in sight. Contactless detection means that the door sensor can have a longer life and prevent damage to other objects. Physical security and work safety is 100%. Please contact us for detailed information about our products. Our authorized personnel will provide you with the necessary information flow.