The Use of Height Photocell in High-Speed PVC Doors

The activities in industrial facilities are being tried to act as if they are competing with time. Small time losses cannot be tolerated, which makes it necessary to take new measures to prevent the shortest time loss. The use of systems, also known as automatic door sensors, is one of the key measures to accelerate the processes in enterprises. In some cases, due to deficiencies in automatic door sensors, faults, and malfunctions, human health threatening situations may occur. In order to avoid these problems, the use of a height photocell having a more sensitive working principle has become widespread.

What Is A Height Photocell and What Is It Used For?

Even if there is an automatic door sensor, it is possible to face the consequences of danger to human and material health. Industrial vehicles such as forklifts and scissors can be used when making transitions through such industrial doors. During the passage of such vehicles, the scanning of the sensors from a single point or two points may not be sufficient. If the automatic industrial doors are opened and closed quickly, the arms, legs, and head of the people passing through this door become exposed to risks. For the protection of these organs, it is desirable for the sensors to scan at more frequent points. For this reason, the use of height photocell in PVC doors, which operate at high speed, has become a necessity in terms of ensuring occupational health and safety. The most important function of height photocell is that they eliminate risks such as jamming and impact during door passages. In this way, accidents and defects that may occur are minimized.

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