Megoras Reflection Automatic Door Photocell

In recent years, thanks to the rapidly evolving electronic security systems, detection, and diagnosis are made in the best way to provide the most basic purpose of safety. Some electronic security systems, called sensors, are used in automatic door systems and access control systems as well as other security systems in general. The ultimate goal of the barrier sensor is to detect objects. For the same purpose, there are door sensors with different capabilities, but the reflection sensor is one of them.

What is Reflection Automatic Door Photocell?

The reflection door sensor is generally used in garden gates, barrier systems, garage doors, and shutters. There is no need to pull an additional cable to the opposite side for the installation of these systems. This is one of the most advantageous aspects of the system. There is also a safety system called photocell in reflective systems. Safety photocells are especially used to prevent jams that may occur during the closing of the gate and barrier systems. In this system, the transceiver photocells see each other with infrared rays, thus ensuring the required safety. When an entity (human or vehicle) enters the intercept of the photocell, the system will stop and the closing movement will not continue.

It is very important that the desired sensing distance in reflection automatic door photocells should be well known and correct before installation. Reflection sensor can detect up to 3 meters and cannot be used on doors of 5 meters or more. In such a case, reflectors with different characteristics should be preferred.

Experience the Megoras Difference

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